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some people are worth melting for

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I m Ajia, 18 from London. Sherlock is the love of my life and merthur is my OTP <3

One hundred years ago, after the war, our founders created a system they believed it would create lasting peace. They divided society into five factions. Everyone it’s tested to determine who we are and where we belong.

Frozen in time? Stuck in Storybrooke, Maine? That’s what you’re going with?

You two are so adorable.


Happy Easter!

make me choose -  askedbright and bubbly Morgana or dark and twisted Morgana?

First I want you to suffer as I suffered. To know what it’s like to be alone and afraid. To be disgusted with who and what you are.


To the very best of times, John.


Frozen + scenery


Is like one of my Hannigram fics"  you whispered as you watched Su-zakana, no, wait! this show IS a Hannigram fic

Bad girl. Bad, bad girl.

Merlin + complimentary colours [1/4]

make me choose
starkeddard asked: katniss everdeen or hermione granger?

You will look after him for me, won’t you?